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October 3, 2019

Advancing Equity: The Story of a Position Statement

In 2017, after a review of NAEYC’s current position statements, the Governing Board charged the Early Learning Systems Committee with revising both the DAP and Teacher Preparation position statements. This pointed to the need for Advancing Equity.

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Authored by: Elisa Huss-Hage
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欢迎参加2019年全美幼儿教育协会年会!(Welcome to NAEYC's 2019 Annual Conference!)
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September 26, 2019

An Early Educators’ Guide to Resources for Immigrant Families

We are pleased to launch Equity in Action, a blog series exploring the many ways early childhood educators and administrators, higher education faculty members, policymakers, advocates, and other ECE allies can bring this statement to life in practice.

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Authored by: Hannah Matthews
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Advancing Equity: Endnotes

The endnotes are available as a PDF for readers to print and use as they read the statement.
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Conclusion and Acknowledgements

NAEYC appreciates the work of the Developmentally Appropriate Practice/Diversity and Equity Workgroup and the Early Learning Systems Committee, who participated in the development of this statement.  See a full list here.
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Recommendations for Public Policymakers

Work to change any policy that either directly or through unintended negative consequences undermines children’s physical and emotional well-being or weakens the bonds between children and their families.
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Recommendations for Everyone

The following general recommendations apply to everyone involved in any aspect of early childhood education.
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Advancing Equity: Position

When early childhood educators use inclusive teaching approaches, they demonstrate that they respect diversity and value all children’s strengths.
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Advancing Equity: Purpose

This position statement is one of five foundational documents NAEYC has developed in collaboration with the early childhood profession.
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