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Advocates at Early Ed Rally
March 13, 2019

NAEYC on the President's FY2020 Budget Request

Two weeks ago, NAEYC brought 350 early childhood educators to Capitol Hill to meet with their elected officials about the importance of growing the bipartisan investment in high-quality child care and early learning.

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Authored by: Lauren Hogan
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Teacher observes as child paints artwork
Young Children
March 1, 2019

A Guided, Exploration-Based Visual Arts Program for Preschoolers

This article describes a program that combines exploratory art experiences with intentional teaching moments and offers suggestions for how teachers can organize their own programs.

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Authored by: X. Christine Wang, Keely Benson, Corinne Eggleston, Bin Lin
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Serious Fun! Online Module

Serious Fun! is an online module that highlights the importance of, and difference between guided play and free play.
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Summer Learning

This summer, discover learning activities for the classroom and explore resources to add to your teaching toolbox and enhance your professional development.
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Three girls playing in leaves
February 6, 2019

Nature-Based Mindfulness for More Calm & Peaceful Kids

As children explore and observe nature, they become more aware of, and empathetic to, the plants and animals who share the natural world. Try these nature-based mindful activities indoors or outdoors with your tots!

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Authored by: Monica Wiedel-Lubinski
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